Malo Pozorište Duško Radović



Directing and stage adaptation:  Nikola Zavišić
Costume and set design: Ivana Vasić
Puppet design and animation: Filip Jevtić


Vladislava Đorđević
Тatjana Stanković
Bojan Lazarov
Јovo Maksić and Filip Jevtić

Date of premiere: 25 November 2006

Age: 3-8
Duration: 45'
Аuthor: Nikola Zavišić
Stage: Children Stage

The theatre performance for all children based on Toon Tellegen’s stories from different collections. The small stories about people and the appearance of animals.


The theatre performance for all children based on Toon Tellegen’s stories from different collections. The small stories about people and the appearance of animals.
If you wish to find out the answers to these question:
- Why did the Squirrel miss the Ant?
- Why did the Crab take away the Sun from the Forest to his workshop?
- Why can the Heron never, absolutely never fall?
- Why did the Elephant eat a cake he did not feel like eating?
- Why is everything antish on the Ant?
- Why did the Sparrow find a way to measure the depth of sleep?
- Why did the Whale go to the Seagull’s party after all?
- Why did the Elephant melt?
- Why does the Squirrel talk to Tea in winter?
...You should read the stories of Toon Tellegen, a Dutch writer who is also a doctor, or a doctor who is also a writer.  Toon Tellegen, like Chekhov (not just because both are doctors), brings incredible situations into the world of his charming characters (squirrel, ant, elephant, heron, sparrow, whale, seagull...), that remind the reader (and hopefully also the spectator) that the Man is primarily a creature made of emotions and often not quite explainable mood swings.
...All kinds of forest animals are expecting you with their doubts, problems, ideas and dreams, some of which are barren, and some quite feasible, but still untouchable.
Nikola Zavišić


Nikola Zavišić was born in 1975 in Bela Crkva in Vojvodina. He acquired his master’s degree in directing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre. He explores different theatrical forms, and he enjoys writing and directing theatre performances for children and young people. He works in Serbia, the Netherlands, Sweden and the Czech Republic.


Toon Tellegen (1941) is a Dutch poet and general practitioner in Amsterdam. He studied medicine and spent three years in Kenya as a physician.  He was greatly influenced by Russian literature, especially Chekhov.  He has published nine collections of poems, two novels for children:  “Miss Stove” (“Juffrouw Kachel”, 1991) and “The Big Father” (“Lange vader”, 1994) and five collections of stories for which, together with the illustrators of the books, he won numerous prominent awards:  “Not a Single Day Passed” (“Er ging geen dag voorbij”, 1984), “When All Were Idle” (“Toen nieman iets to doen had”, 1987), “Slowly, the Fastest They Could” (“Langzaam, zo snel als zij konden”, 1989 ), “Maybe They Have Not Been Anywhere” (“Misschien waren zij nergens”, 1991) and “Almost Anyone May Fall” (“Bijna iedeern kon omvallen”, 1993).
These "stories about animals" are also considered literature for children, but the genre in this case may be doubly deceiving.  Although the main characters are animals, Tellegen’s stories are neither stories about animals nor stories for children.  If they need to be classified in any existing genre at all, it would probably be best to call them fantastic stories intended for the world of readers in which there is no difference between children and adults. Tellegen writes these stories every day, like his own personal spiritual and stylistic exercises.  The stories have no titles, because "titles are a difficult thing", as says the author himself, jokingly and with a mild stylistic irony.


In his bright, joyful, witty, gentle, dynamic and dramatic stories about animals, Toon Tellegen speaks about the behaviour and emotions of people, and their need to be enlightened.
Transferred from the cruel and harsh reality into the esoteric world of Zen and poetry, ants, squirrels, elephants, herons, whales, seagulls and other divine creatures rejoice in life and everything it offers.
In Tellegen’s stories everything is alive with light. In wonderful landscapes of his imagination, animals play until dreams come true.  The author tells us that the world is beautiful and utterly meaningful. Everything in it is harmonious, beautiful and good. Everything is interwoven and interconnected.  The world exists as a unique and common space for all – people, animals and objects.
Milica Novković


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