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Goce Delčeva 1, NOvi Beograd

© 2010. Malo pozorište "Duško Radović"
On Holes and Views

It’s best
To look
Through a hole.

Make your own hole
And look through it.
What you see,
Nobody else can see.

When you get tired,
You can close the hole
or discard it.

Duško Radović

Dear audience and dear friends of our Theatre,

In the forthcoming season we shall be trying to help you find your own hole and bravely and without fear look through it. We are not quite certain that the picture you shall see will always be what you would like to see, but, if we all together do our best, we can make it nicer. And when we do, we can always close the hole or discard it in order to open a new one.

That is exactly what a theatre for children and the young should be – a secure place from where the outer world can be observed in all its diversity and obscurity, a place where objective reality meets fiction, and a place where new views of reality are created.

We are inviting you to help us with your presence and active participation in the efforts to understand better what is going on outside by looking through the theatric hole.